FebFast Day One


Hello Chickens,

My sister has set up a team on the FebFast website, where you pledge to give up booze for a month, and in turn raise money for charity. (The charities are all drug and alcohol related, obviously). Having had quite a bender this weekend just gone, Michelle's plea struck a chord, and I have duly signed up.

As an additional pledge, I am going to donate the amount of money I would have spent on my "I got hammered and left my car at the gig" cab fare.

This is day one, being the first of Feb, and it's already been a problem! Mostly because boyf is laying into the beer and wine with gusto, ostensibly to prevent me falling off the wagon and into the waiting arms of that tacky low-carb blonde beer he keeps buying from Aldi.

I'm getting out the tape measure too, to see, in a month, how losing booze affects my waistline.

Waistline Today: 134cm

(As boyf measured me, he held out the horrifying length of tape and said: "Honey, look, if you were two-dimensional!")