Dave Grant

In comedy, timing is everything, and Dave Grant taught timing.

As an MC, you prayed for Dave Grant to be your headline act, because you knew that no matter how dire the gig was, no matter how many infuriatingly incompetent tryouts were stinking up the first two brackets, you were going to bring on the most consistently hilarious headline act any audience has ever seen.

Dave Grant hosted five of the first six gigs I ever did. He was generous with his time, his knowledge and his opinion. With a few simple words, he gave me more confidence than I would ever have been able to accumulate with even a lifetime of performance. He told me I didn't need to mention my sexuality on stage. He understood why it was important for me to do it, but he told me I didn't need to. He stopped me from ever thinking an audience was laughing at me because I'm gay, and made me believe they were laughing because I am a comedian, and I am good at my job.

I am not alone, being in debt to the great man. Dave's professionalism rubbed off on everybody who worked with him.

There are far fewer laughs in the world today, because the best of us is gone.



I am so sad about the news

I am so sad about the news about Dave, even though I haven't seen him or spoken to him since no longer being associated with the comedy scene he was a lovely man who took time to sit and talk to me backstage at the Espy whilst my husband at the time was performing - extremely intelligent, an incredible human being :(

dave grant

What the fat lady said.


Fuck cancer.

Get IN someone who deserves it!

Nig nigh Dave. Heartbreaking love to Karen and the kids.

fahey xxxx

Dave Grant

So many with heavy hearts right now. It feels like the whole world is sad. He sure was some guy; amazing in many aspects, generous with his time and advice. He did so much for many; me included. Thank you, Dave, thank you from the comedy community. Thank you to Karen and the kids for sharing this great man with everyone. A loss too, too great. Cancer is an arse. Sweet peace, Dave Grant.