Breakfast in Perth

Hello Chickens!
For the last few years I have been a part of the team at Mix 94.5 doing Aussie gossip every Friday on The Bunch breakfast show, and before that, movie reviews on The Big Couch drive show. Starting this week, I will be moving up the dial a smidge, to 92.9 and their all-new breakfast show Lisa, Baz and Sam.
While I am sad to be leaving The Bunch behind, a show that I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of, I am very excited about the opportunity to return to 92.9 (I was a part of the drive show with Sally Rope, Luke Bolland and Shane Lowe 2003-5). More importantly, I am really thrilled that I can be a part of your breakfast each and every morning, not just once a week (if you can be bothered switching over that is).
So, all the best to Mix and the Bunch, they are, as I said, a delightful team and I have had an awesome time and lots of laughs with them, and here's to a new adventure on 92.9!