In lieu of a blog entry, I have decided to paste in some short fiction I wrote over ten years ago, before I became a standup comedian. This first piece was inspired by a friend who I caught up with this weekend at a 20 year school reunion. (Yes, mamma is an old girl now!)

We had the most insane relationship, full of laughter, and now that all of the water has flowed under the bridge, I hope we can have that kind of friendship again.

This piece is very heavy, so don't go reading it if you are having an emo moment and there are sharp objects nearby.

Coming to adamrichard.com in the next few weeks will be my guest columns for The Green Guide tv paper in The Melbourne Age.

I hope you enjoy Distant Laughter, it won a prize in the Outrage Magazine Short Story competition for 1996 (Best Short Story by a writer under 25yo).


Very, very moving Adam. You

Very, very moving Adam. You have a wonderful writing style. Loved it.


I love you today, Mr. Fabulous, as I loved you yesterday, as I will love you tomorrow!