I think I may have fractured my toe. That's what the doctor tells me, anyway. It hurts! I smashed it into a wall on Monday night, dashing into the en suite to expel some beer. I put an ice pack on it, and given the hideous heat this week, it was quite an enjoyable sensation. I could move it, so I thought nothing of it and trundled off to work in the morning.

Yesterday, and today, I've wandered around. I've been to the shops. It ached a bit, and I've been limping a little, but no worse than any other time I've stubbed my stumpy toes.

Then, this afternoon, I banged it AGAIN!




It's the little one, on my left foot. (Thankfully I drive an automatic!) I hobbled up to the clinic, and they taped it up, like a box bound for The Brotherhood. Then I had to get an x-ray. Tomorrow, I find out if it is smashed to smithereens, or just a bit bent and bruised (the bruise is horrific - it runs all the way to my big toe!)

Mamma is clumsy. Do you think this is finally the reason I have longed for to get one of those mechanical wheelchair scooter things? Can you get them on Medicare?


Bang - toe - bang

Sooly damn poovdah.


Oh Richo, you clumsy clown. Maybe for assistance, you should have called... um... a toe truck...

mother what are you wearing?

your dad jokes are puntastic.