Sweet Caroline Stuck In My Head



Someone foolishly alerted me to the existence of the Glee soundtrack, so of course, I am now singing Don't Stop Believing, I Can't Fight This Feeling, Take a Bow and fourteen other songs at the top of my lungs in traffic.

My car stereo has been broken for some time, and I just got myself a new one on the weekend. Well, I went with my sister to get a birthday present for her boyfriend, and while she was assessing prices and getting installation quotes I pointed at one and said "I want that!" Being the needy bitch that I am, I bought it, and got it installed, then and there, making my sister's shopping day all about me and my new car stereo.

Anyway, I love Glee, the show, and I love Glee, the album. Just to make my life a billion percent complete, it also features the sublime Kristin Chenoweth doing Heart's Alone and Maybe This Time from Cabaret. As if having the original Galinda from Wicked on the soundtrack isn't enough, the final track is Lea Michele and Chris Colfer ripping into the Wicked showstopper, Defying Gravity!

Okay. It's official. That is possibly the gayest blog post of all time.