The Procrastinator

I have a deadline, so of course I am blogging. I have also contemplated buying a 5.1 receiver for my bedroom, because the one in there currently is dropping channels intermittently (it's very old, pre-hdmi). I have been watching The West Wing on DVD from go to whoa, which isn't even in 5.1, so I don't know why the buggy amp is bugging me so much, but it is. I have given serious thought to scrubbing out the grouting in my shower recess. I've lived in the house for 18 months, and I have never even entertained the thought of having anything to do with the grouting (I spray that after-shower nonsense on, which stops it getting worse, but it really does need to be taken in hand). I had a wedding to attend on Saturday and an instore appearance on Sunday, and while I could have worked around those things, I'd much prefer to pfaff about working out what clothes to wear and whether or not I should wear contacts or glasses, shaving (which should take very little time, because I have a goatee and there isn't much that needs shaving, but I am procrastinator and the longer I can take doing the most insignificant tasks, the better), and trying to find socks that match, which would never normally bother me, but on a procrastinating day, is the most important thing in the world.

The deadline isn't even that close! I have plenty of time to do it, it's not that arduous a task, I should be able to get it done, and all the housework, but nothing impels me to do long-ignored chores like a deadline. I am a superhero of delay, call me The Procrastinator!