Name That Muscle

I've never been much for anatomy, and felt all at sea when the alleged Beauties on 'Beauty and the Geek' were painting internal body parts on barely-dressed men. I used to be all across the radius, the ulna and the femur, when I was a geeky year 8 kid, but all of that has left me now. One thing I don't know the name of is the spew muscle. You know when you've had a good hard go at it, when all and sundry are flowing through your mouth and nostrils, the next day there is an ache in your chest. There is some kind of muscle that pushes the vile goo out and it hurts like hell the next day, while you're lying with a cloth on your head and trying to nibble on a piece of dry toast. Does it have a name? Does anybody know it? I could look it up, but I'm still a bit fragile, and I don't think reading in-depth wikipedia articles about the mechanics of vomit would help me keep my brekky down.