Mother got a fright


Hello Chickens,

I am frightened. I have been watching Fringe, the JJ Abrams produced X-Files-eque series starring aussies Anna Torv and John Noble, and Pacey from the creek (Joshua Jackson). I caught the second episode of the new season, which featured unexplained goings on in a small town, people being dragged into the dirt under a corn field.

Even by the end of the episode, we never really got a good look at the oogly-boogly monster, and now I can't go to bed. At the age of 38, I am paralysed by fear of the dark, inspired by some indistinct creepy-crawly off the telly. I normally navigate my way to bed using the light from my iPhone, but I've been tempted to burn the planet to the ground cranking out a gazillion watts from every lightbulb in the house as soon as the sun creeps toward the horizon.

I made the dog come with me to the deep dark recesses of my home to help me turn off the heater. He was happily asleep on a bean bag in the stepmonster's room, so I woke him up and made it sound like something exciting was happening - food or a walk, one of those things he loses his mind over - sticking my hand into doorways to find light switches. Edging toward the thermostat that controls the central heating had my heart beating into my throat - I had to put my fingers near the back door! There could have been any number of flesh eating boogeymen on the other side of the back door!

I'm still shivering now. Damn scary tv shows. Why do I do it to myself? I am getting too old for this behaviour. The dog is starting to resent my promises of fun in the middle of the night. It's ruining my life. I can't wait until the next episode!