9am with David and Kim

Hello Chickens,

It is with some regret that I have come to the decision that I can no longer continue in my role presenting celebrity gossip on the Network Ten morning program, 9am with David and Kim.

I have enjoyed my time with the program, having been part of it since it began in January 2006. My role was severely reduced in June this year, due to budget constraints, and the experience has not really been as enjoyable ever since.

I am very grateful to the producers and hosts of 9am with David and Kim for allowing me to try my hand at many different skills, including celebrity interviews, covering red carpet events, fashion criticism, cooking segments, weight-loss segments, movie reviews, the watercooler and many other exciting challenges alongside my regular gossip segment.

I would like to specifically thank the segment producers who had the unenviable task of overseeing my gossip segment over the last three years: Scott Stephens, Shaun Malseed and Tom Fahey.

I would also like to thank the hilarious David Reyne, who is nowhere near as curmudgeonly as he appears on television. ('What is David really like?' is the question I am asked more than any other when I meet people, and the answer is, as always, he's delightful).

Thanks also to the divine Kim Watkins, who has become a fantastic friend, enriching my life off-screen as well as on.

It has been a great gig, an exciting and fun gig, and not one I will easily forget, but I think it is best that I leave before the laughter stops.

Be good, and don't break anything.

Big air kisses.



Bummer :-( You were the only

Bummer :-( You were the only reason I ever turned the show on!

i'm sorry to hear that, you

i'm sorry to hear that, you were a joy to watch.