Big Weekend

Hello Chickens!
No Twitter updates this weekend, I was out and about a lot, and my portable Twitter client hasn't been connecting to the server properly, so I couldn't post. I'm updating my iPhone as I type this, and hopefully this blog post makes up for all the missing weekend nonsense tweets.

Friday I went to lunch with the team in front of and behind Australian Idol, and caught up with some of my favourite people, like Ricki-Lee, Marcia Hines and Dicko. Dicko's stablemates at Vega were seated with me, and I adore both the radiant Chrissie Swan and the man who seems to have perpetually woken up from a nap, Dave O'Neil.

We had lunch at the Press Club, George Colombaris's restaruant in the city. Oh, yeah, Dee Dee from Gold was there as well. She confirmed a long-believed rumour about a television legend and a former footballer and a broken dick muscle. Ask me in person one day, if you find me somewhere drunk, and I might spill a bean or twelve.

One of the dishes we had was lamb neck, with something that tasted like classy Deb, some beetroot goo and a mix of ground coffee and chocolate that they called a soil. Mmm. Dirt. What's next, Colombaris? Mud pies for desert?

Chrissie was unimpressed with the amount of salt in one of her dishes.

Then I went out and out and out. Boozy lunch went on until well nearly midnight (I lost all the Idol folk about 3pm, I moved on to much more salubrious company)

Saturday night I went to the premiere of the film version of Australian aboriginal musical Bran Nue Dae. Sally Rope and I somehow ended up in the VIP section of the after party watching Jessica Mauboy sing Stand By Your Man, Missy Higgins and Ernie Dingo singing a duet and the whole cast, including Geoffrey Rush and Deborah Mailman, on stage for the movie's big closing number.

I spent a lot of time gasbagging with Sal, the delightful Andrea Powell and the legendary Judith Lucy. After many champagnes, I ended up on the dancefloor for a few numbers. I had new shoes on from the Steve Madden outlet at the DFO (only $30!). I now have very sore ankles.