the boat that rocked

hey kids,

check out mamma chatting with bill nighy and nick frost (unsavoury flirting with frosty has been excised by sensible editors...)

the film is fascinating, about a unique event in the uk, where popular music was only played on stations moored in the north sea. at over 2 hours, the film more than outstays its welcome - a comedy film, romantic or otherwise, really has to be blisteringly funny to make it worth getting that post-90minute numbarse. knocked up with seth rogen and katherine heigl, well worth the extended time, but the boat that rocked has far too many montages of people listening to the radio to justify the running time.
that said, performances are awesome across the board, from an eclectic cast including the aforementioned nighy and frost, academy award winner phillip seymour hoffman, welsh loony rhys ifans (yes, the one that was boffing sienna miller), delightful flight of the conchords star kiwi rhys darby, nasty kenneth branagh, cameoriffic emma thompson (her best cameo since curing cancer in i am legend) and a bunch more (jack davenport, gemma arterton, tom sturridge).
like all richard curtis films, the women get pretty short shrift. they are mysterious, capricious, unknowable and sex-mad (but never for the right men). one of the two plot threads about women who seem interested in the nice sweet guy, before running off to have sex with a cad, could have been dropped, because they make writer/director curtis look like a very bitter individual indeed.
the music, a blend of late sixties rock, soul and r'n'b, is awesome, but bleeds into overkill during the umpteenth montage of boat-based broohaha.
it's an enjoyable movie, for the most part, and it's a relief to see a movie set on a ship that doesn't involve celine dion.
3 portholes out of 5