Adventures in Adelaide Part II

Hello Chickens,

So, I did my show in the historic Queens Theatre in Adelaide, which was down the stabby end of Hindley Street. Hindley Street is the nightclub/stripperbar end of of Adelaide.










Then there is Rundle Mall, which is the shopping precinct, where DJ's and Myer etc are - that is the extension of Hindley Street.

Then there is Rundle Street, where all the restaurants and cafés are - which is just the extension of Rundle Mall/Hindley St. Look, there is more to Adelaide than the one big street, but you'd never know that if you didn't know where to look.

The Queens Theatre was built in 1840 and is apparently the oldest theatre on the mainland. It was only a theatre for a year, until the Adelaide Financial Crisis (oh yeah, that craps been going on forever) when everyone left for Bendigo and the gold rush. It's mostly been used as a carpark. First for horses, and then for motor cars. Now it's a Fringe venue. It's old and dusty and really atmospheric. I thought it was apt that I was doing a show about being unable to drive, in a car park, overshadowed by one of Adealide's many multi-level carparks in Playhouse Lane. (I've said it before, and I will keep saying it, not the city of churches, it's the city of multi-level car parks).

 More adventures in Adelaide soon, sorry about the shitty layout. I use a really dodgy interface to update my blog. Apparently I'm moving across to something called Drupal soon. (Which sounds like my sex drive after several pints).