Twitter Nonsense

Hello Chickens,

If you've missed my twitter nonsense, here is an update (i am only going to do this once - if you want, follow @adamrichard on twitter):

 the fire coverage is wearing me down. as is the rihanna/chris brown coverage. where are my cute puppy stories?
8:30 AM yesterday from web 

   SYTYCD why does grant denyer have a faux-hawk?
11:54 PM Feb 14th from TwitterFon 

   SYTYCD poor penny - she had no idea who goldie hawn was
11:45 PM Feb 14th from TwitterFon 

   SYTYCD why are Anthony Callea and Simone Callahan née Warne dancing to Titanic?
11:40 PM Feb 14th from TwitterFon 

   Lego batman must collect all studs!
6:51 PM Feb 14th from TwitterFon 

   there is ash on my car
5:03 PM Feb 13th from web 

   waiting for a train to debauchery - sky smells like charred dreams
9:54 PM Feb 12th from TwitterFon 

   just watching joaquin phoenix on letterman on youtube. i love dave. he is the god of hilarity.
9:14 AM Feb 12th from web 

   mamma has the tiredness - nigh nighs time - watchmen screening exhausted her - spending valentines day with denny duquette
11:35 PM Feb 11th from TwitterFon 

tragic victim of mad cow disease
10:57 AM Feb 11th from TwitterFon 

   my tooth hurts
8:41 AM Feb 11th from web 

   stuffing my face with licorice, terrified of downstairs consequences, but i can't stop!
10:05 PM Feb 9th from web 

   mamma is grumpy. her airport keeps forgetting how do to internet
9:29 PM Feb 9th from web 

   shopping for shoes with Corinne - i'm glad I'm not a girl - I would wear nothing but stripper boots - fringing is back apparently
5:53 PM Feb 9th from TwitterFon 

   I can't twitter without hearing my mother: "I always said you were a twit"
10:04 PM Feb 8th from TwitterFon 

   love having followers - I'm so baltar right now
5:44 PM Feb 8th from twitterrific 

   I'm using twitterrific on my iPhone - it's fun but I can't see my followers
5:44 PM Feb 8th from twitterrific 

   about to go on telly 9am with David and kim - I will be twittering on air
1:03 PM Feb 8th from twitterrific 

   i forgot to set my alarm! now i have to have coffee on an iv.
8:30 AM Feb 8th from web

 i've blogged that i'm twittering. is that technically talking to myself?
11:42 PM Feb 7th from web 
i can't choose a background. is the big red leaf too gay or too canadian?
10:54 PM Feb 7th from web 
signing up to twitter
10:29 PM Feb 7th from web