Call Me Mister President Fabulous!

An Open Letter From the President of Bent TV,
The Fabulous Adam Richard.

With Eddie having boned himself from the top job at Channel 9, I have
decided it is time for me to step up. I have accepted a generous
invitation from Bent TV to become their President, and am hoping that
within the next few months, I too will receive a thorough and welldeserved

My first duty as President of Bent TV is to commission a game show
for myself to host. Sticking to very strict Channel 31 budgets, the show
will be called 1 vs 4 and contestants will battle it out for a Twix.

I have taken on this role mainly because I would like people to refer to
me, in the future, as Mister President Fabulous. I also want to
encourage people to join Bent TV as well as volunteer their services,
but to be brutally honest, I’m in it for the title.

Long before I became “that annoying poof that’s always on the tv” I
did a lot of work for community television, both for Bent TV and
RMITV. Volunteering for community television is the most valuable
grounding you can have to work in the industry. It is a chance to make
all those mistakes that would ordinarily get you fired (hopefully so
you can learn from them). It is one of my greatest thrills to turn up to a
professional television production at a commercial television station,
and see people both on and off camera making a living at something
they once did voluntarily with passion and gusto.

Hopefully, as Mister President Fabulous I can help Bent TV develop
the exceptional talent required to work in the demanding field of
television. Producers, directors, camera operators, vision switchers,
floor managers, editors, presenters, makeup, lighting – Bent TV is an
inclusive environment staffed entirely by volunteers, all of them
working toward making the best television we can manage. (It’s
Channel 31 – we’re not promising miracles – but we’re also not
promising celebrity dog training…)

I am also hoping to attract sponsors to Bent TV – which is going to be a
big ask, because the only thing I ever seem to attract is lint.

I look forward to talking to you more from my President’s chair.
Although, I’m hoping to have a throne installed before I get boned.

Yours Sincerely,
Mister President Fabulous
Adam Richard.