Five Bucks Off Adam Richard X

Hey, thanks everyone who has attended Adam Richard X so far, I've really been enjoying the show, and I hope it hasn't been too grotesque or cruel for anyone who's popped along. (I'm sure you wouldn't be too shy to say so - you can always get me through the email on this very page).

If you're looking at coming to the show in the next week or so (it closes on the 29th april) grab a discount voucher by clicking here. You'll have to print it off (print as many as you like) and bring it with you to the Comedy Festival Box Office at the Melbourne Town Hall on Collins Street (which is where the show is on, coincidentally...)

This discount is only for tickets purchased on the night, so you might be taking your chances on the weekends, when the show has been selling out. You can alway book ahead on a Tuesday night, when we have the Tightarse Tuesday Tickets. If you want to come Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday, you should be able to secure a seat with the discount voucher. (Don't forget Sunday is at 6pm - I nearly did!)