Cyberspace Fabulette

I promised you some juicy goss from the net, and here it is! My cyberspace fabulette has befriended the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. Becoming a 'myspace' friend of the stars is not as easy as it seems - they all have their accounts set to private, and they can spot an impostor miles away (which means my cyberspace fabulette's identity must be kept strictly in confidence).

The dirt they have dug up this week is juicy indeed! First up:
Lindsay Lohan posted the following comment on Paris Hilton's myspace page (appalling grammar is Lindsay's stock in trade).

lohan's myspace

 Paris never leaves a stone unturned, and responded by posting a bulletin for all of myspace to read.

hilton's myspace


She's a polite girl. Such a delghtful vocabulary.

Next up are the comments posted on Hilary Duff's myspace page from Nicole Richie. Nicole is currently dating Joel Madden, who was formerly engaged to Hilary Duff. (Joel's brother Benji just proposed to Sophie Monk - the Madden boys are the tattooed and pierced members of Good Charlotte).

duff's myspace
















Good on you Nicole! Bragging about your new man to his ex-girlfriend. I bet she's not crying at all...

There it is kids, my cyberspace fabulette has hit paydirt. More as it comes to hand!