Pants Mouth

What a fun week it has been for Britney Spears. Not once, not twice, but three times, we were treated to the sight of her baby factory. You could see where the babies went in and where they came out. Who wears a skirt so short you can see a caesarian scar? Britney. Yes, she's smiling at us with what the ever tactful Fahey Younger calls her pants mouth. Matt Tilley pointed out that it was lucky we couldn't see a natural birth scar.

A lovely signed photo of Jess and Damian from Australian Idol turned up in my mail today. They are the sweetest people in the world. The music industry is going to spit them out bitter jaded old freaks, but at least they'll have their memories. And on Idol, Dicko is coming back! I was so excited, I recorded a song*.

Okay, the chorus of a song. I can't be bothered writing whole verses for song parodies. Once you get the joke in the first chorus, do you really want to hear it two or three more times? Of course not. I've done us all a favour.

Plans are moving swiftly ahead for 2007. I have already slotted in a show for Adelaide Fringe. The first performance outside of Melbourne of Fabulous Adam Richard, which premiered at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year. If you are in Adders during March, pop along. I'll be at the Belgian Beer Cafe in Ebeneezer Place from 9th - 30th.

*Dicko Back song suggested, recorded and produced by Matt Curry - I just sang it and added in the bit about Kyle.