crazy friday

Do you get silly as a wheel on Friday? For some reason, at my work, we get completely loolah on a Friday. It might have something to do with the fact that Brodie Holland comes in, which makes Jo and I get a bit hormonal and giddy. Or it could be the sheer exhaustion of getting up at stupid o'clock every morning for a week, and knowing that a sleep in is coming. Whatever it is, the mood in the studio, pretty much from 6:05am onwards, is nothing short of demented lunacy.

Today, for instance, we all fell on the floor when Brodie responded to a question of whether or not he had sex before a game by saying "you can't play with a full bag of clag."

Troy was frightened by a piece of paper - normally it takes a fake spider, or matt hiding under his desk, but no, today it was a piece of paper hanging over the door frame with a picture of the Grand Final trophy on it. Terrifying, obviously. He was so shaken, he was incapable of regular speech.

I made some off-colour comments about Steve Irwin's lovemaking techniques (off-air of course) and there was some discussion about what number you press to vote for Casey Donovan. (8 if you're wondering).

See, it doesn't sound like too much silliness, but we get very worked up and demented. Sometimes I think it's funny because we're tired.

I need to go and get stitches for my split sides. Have a great GF weekend!