The Loaf!

Hello Chickens,

About to take a week off work and go relax in Brisneyland. Yesterday, I hung out with Meatloaf, of all people. He's a deliciously manic individual. Loves an anecdote, which makes interviewing easy. You don't even really need to ask questions. Just nod and smile. I only agreed to do it at the last minute, so I didn't have much time to prepare or research. Also it was a single camera interview, which means you have to ask the questions twice - once for the subject to answer, and then the camera and lights have to be reset so you can ask the questions again with the camera facing you. If I'd asked questions that made any sense, or had prepared them, it might have been easy, but Meatloaf and I essentially gasbagged. My poor producer, the divine Mr. Mark Gibson, had to scribble desperate notes because I was hardly going to remember word one by the time the interview ended. It was all good, although I do have a tendency to do Ham and Cheese when asking the questions for a second time. It is not naturalistic by any stretch of the imagination.

Sometimes on the Matt and Jo Show, we have too much stuff to talk about, and I don't have enough time to talk about some stuff I would like to. For instance, I was devestated today to hear that Orlando Bloom is no longer seeing Kate Bosworth. Perhaps if she stopped standing side-on, she would be easier to see. (BOOM BOOM! geddit? cos she's so skinny, if she stand side on, he can't see her, but they've broken up, so he's not seeing her seeing her... ah, if you have to explain it, it's probably shit).

Be good, and don't break anything.