Gossip Update

Tomorrow morning on the Matt and Jo show all the juice from the biggest wedding of the year - Nicole and Keith.

Nicole Kidman isn't the only Fantapants who was taken down the aisle this weekend. Desperate Housewife Bree, Marcia Cross, married stockbroker Tom Mahoney in California on Saturday.

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are still together, although there are a bunch of magazines claiming otherwise this week. There is also a rather suggestive video at TMZ.com featuring Justin out and about with some other blonde lady. Perez Hilton knows who she is, I've been having difficulty caring.

Tori Spelling made a mad dash for the mansion when she heard her dad was on his last legs. She told People Magazine "I'm grateful I recently had the opportunity to reconcile with my father and most grateful we had the chance to tell each other we loved one another before he passed away." Aaron Spelling, 83, succumbed to complications following a stroke last week.

Speaking of dead rich people, E. Pierce Marshall, the man who has been fighting with Anna Nicole Smith over his father's oil fortune, passed away Friday at the age of 67. Anna Nicole Smith hasn't made a statement, not that anything she ever says makes much sense anyway.

Madonna reportedly laughed hysterically when she found out Mariah Carey was being forced to downsize her tour due to poor ticket sales. Wonder how Mariah would feel if she found out that Madonna's UK tour is in trouble. Fans have bought all the back end of the stadium, but the expensive middle and front sections remain largely unsold. She is charging 150 pounds, roughly $400 per ticket. No wonder she's not coming to Australia. Who wants to pay 400 bucks to see a 50 year old woman in a leotard, when we get Gretel Kileen for free?