Queen of the Reef

Hello Chickens!
Under Water Woman
Mamma is on holidays, as you can see by her obscenely camp frolicking in the Great Barrier Reef. If you are ever up this way, I can certainly recommend The Sebel Reef House and Spa in Palm Cove (about 20 mins out of Cairns) not only for hanging out by the pool, but also their divine dinner menu and unfeasibly freindly staff. For an unforgettable trip to the outer edge of The Great Barrier Reef, the people at Poseidon are an amazing bunch - and they have their very own Marine Biologist. (Who goes by the dubious moniker of Mister Fluffy, clearly still working on that PhD so he can one day become Doctor Fluffy). It's not only fascinating and fun, but highly educational. I know so much more about coral now. And here was me thinking coral was just a shade of lipstick.

Snorkeling in the reef has to be one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life. So much colour and movement. Giant clams, sea turtles, dolphins, and every kind of brightly coloured tropical fish you could possibly imagine, plus the rainbow of coral that make up the maginificent reefs that border most Queensland. It's so unfathomable (pardon the pun) to think that the three sites I swam around, are just an infinitesimal part of a living organism that can be seen from outer space. The most incredible part, was feeling like Superman, flying over a giganitc city of coral and flying fish. If you have ever even vaguley thought about going to the reef, do it now, before it is all obliterated by our mainland agriculture (estimated to be by 2060 - perhaps before you were thinking of retiring).

So, yes, I've been on holidays, so if you've sent an email to me@adamrichard.com or to fabulous@fox.com.au, I am truly sorry that I haven't replied, but I've either been underwater or on a sunlounge. I'm back on board on the 26th june, and will be endeavouring to reply to each and every email I've neglected.

If you need a Mamma Richard fix before I get back to the Matt and Jo Show on Monday (Melbourne's No 1 FM Breakfast show), I'm back on 9am with David and Kim on Network Ten Friday 23rd June, and will be performing that night at The Comic's Lounge as part of the Southern Hibearnation Opening Party. So all you hairy men I didn't get around to pashing at last year's celebration of the bulky, bearded and beautiful (and there aren't many of you left), I have my chapstik handy and I'll be largered up like nobody's business. Bring it on boys!