Hey Kids! Mamma's on holiday in Sydney. The sun is shining, so I'm hiding indoors typing.

If you really miss shouty poof, you can still hear me with Becko after 1pm with the One O'clock One Hit Wonders. How do I manage to do it, even when I'm on holiday? Expensive technology, and a commitment that many of my peers lack. Just don't ask why I still have a blocked nose on Friday.

The Glamorous Life keeps rolling along (preferably the Mr Timothy and Inaya Day version, I'm not so sold on Melissa Tkautz and her $15 for three songs at a gay nightclub version...) I'm going to movie premieres, tv show tapings, the casino, the theatre - and I get to stay up late and drink all the free champagne! It's non-stop fun in a bun. Although I do still have this snot problem, and zitzilla on my forehead. The beaty of radio is, zitzilla is no hindrance, and I can still be fabulous wearing tracksuit pants and ugg boots. Nobody knows.


Damn zitzilla!

Okay, I'm off to the sunshine and the funshine now. Have a great day girls!