Funniest person in the world.

The real me, the at home away from the microphone and the spotlight me, has a very different sense of humour to the 'fabulous' Adam Richard. I'm more the dark and nasty Adam Richard when I'm alone with friends. There is one person in my life who makes me laugh more than anybody else in the world. In fact, I have gone on record a number of times saying that she is 20 times funnier than I am. She does her funniest work sitting on the couch, flipping through the new or the day, or watching the channel ten news. (I don't know why first at five is so much more mockable than the others - perhaps it's all the padding. in Sydney, Ten News has a helicopter that does a traffic report. Surely, if you're at home watching the news, you don't give two shits about the traffic?)

For privacy's sake, and because she may not want to be associated with the following comment, I am going to call her "Bunny." If you've met her, you know the casual way in which she would have said the most hysterical thing I've heard this week. It concerns the photo of Jessica Simpson below, captured at the MTV VMA white carpet in Miami.

"She looks like she's gone to a fancy dress party dressed as a French Maid and been gang raped."

Let the evil email flow. Bunny has spoken.