Tom Cruise is a Crossie!

What a scandalous headline. I've been away from this blog so long I thought it best to come back swinging. I saw some frightening pictures of Tom Cruise cross dressing in Holy Moly! (a fantastic website if you like the seedier side of celebrity life, and my favourite c-word being bandied about with abandon). They have links to these outrageous pictures of Tom Cruise, dressed as a woman. Now, I know he's all of ten or something, but that's where it starts. I'm not saying he still does it, dress up as a pretty ladyman, but why does he own a million dollars of jewellery?

Look, I'm sure he's not gay, because a gay man would never dare stand on Oprah's yellow leather couch - how does he know whether she's scotchguarded it or not? And in shoes? I don't care how excited he is about his publicity marriage to Joey from Dawson's, you take your shoes off if you are going to stand on furniture - especially if you are a visitor! I'm ruling out gay, but I'm not ruling out pretty dress ups. And if the girls he dates are bigger than him, then their lovely frocks should fit just right around his little manly chest. He may need to take the hems up a little, he is after all a hobbit.