Fabulous Holiday

How do you take a holiday off from being fabulous? It’s not as difficult as you might imagine. Sure, Tuesday night I ended up drunk at drag karaoke with Logie Winner Kimberly Cooper and Bachelor of the Year Andrew G, but that was in Sydney – it’s par for the course there.

The rest of the time I’ve been sitting at home on the couch trying to be as non-fab as possible. On Monday I watched every single episode of the new Doctor Who series back to back. All 13 of them. I’ve been to the cinema to see Batman Begins, twice. Alright once to the Melbourne Premiere (which is a little bit fabulous, I admit – and I got to see Ricki-Lee! I love her!) and once in Gold Class in Sydney with Kim Cooper, which was also a bit fabulous. (When Kim was Gypsy on Home and Away, she beat Rebecca Cartwright at the Logies).  

I’ve been squatting on the internet like a chicken trying to hatch an egg. Catching up with my depressing British soap operas (Corrie and ‘Stenders). Reading comic books. Eating whole sticks of cabana and pickled onions from the jar.

It’s difficult being fabulous 24/7. Even asleep I’m fabulous, thanks to my Peter Alexander pyjamas (which he gave to me personally). For my entire holidays I’ve been sleeping on flannelette sheets. They’ll have to go back to the Egyptian cotton when I start back at work Monday.

Being fabulous takes its toll. Thank god I can go back to being a fageek slob for a couple of weeks here and there.

Spin Cycle Saturdays at The Commercial in Yarraville