monday catchup

What a busy time I've had. Let's catch up shall we?

First off, I spoke to Delta Goodrem on the phone last week, and she assures me that Brian McFadden did not say those hideous things about Madonna. Well, that's what he told her. She was almost as upset as I was! I may have said something to her about the songs on her album being dour, but I meant it in a nice way. Soon as I work out how to podcast my own malarkey on here, I will give you the unexpurgated interview. You can hear it Tuesday morning on Fox in Melbourne, and this weekend all over the country on Australian First - check your local station for the time.

Had my special fabulette screening of Mr & Mrs Smith at the Gold Class at Crown on Thursday. Thanks to everyone at Village Cinemas, 20th Century Fox and Fox 101.9 for pulling it together. Loved the movie. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. So hot. And guns. And explosions. And dancing. Detailed review to come.

Saw some sneak scenes from Fantastic Four this afternoon. Looks amazing - I only hope it's as much silly fun as the comic book. I've been re-reading my the old John Byrne issues. I bought them in trade paperback, because my old ones are hilarous old black and white Australian reprints from the eighties. They've been massacred somewhat - I used to cut out panels and make birthday cards out of them. I would colour them in and everything. I am truly nerdy Tonia Toddman.

Speaking of the Toddman, if you want to see what kind of crazy craft I get up to when I've had a champagne or fifty, head over to my friend Adam's blog at The Merkin. There is a delightful photo of me doing creative things with sticky tape. I am the bastard love child of Martha Stewart and Chopper Read. I caught up with Adam on Saturday night at Spin Cycle, a new night at The Commercial in Yarraville, where I had an absolute ball. It's on every Saturday until late, with the divine Mz. Kung making the dancefloor heave like a bouncey castle full of kids on Ritalin. My favourite tracks from the night were a revisitation of Superfly Guy by S-Express, and The Captain and Tenille, whose love has truly kept them together.


big air kisses