Welcome to the Fabulounge.

Hello and welcome to the all-new Fabulounge, here at adamrichard.com. I
hope you like what we've done with the place. I haven't quite finished
dictating all my tasteful furnishing decisions to the interior designer
and the removalists, but it's getting there. We have the fablog, which
you are clearly looking at right now.

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coming weeks. Absolutely loving work at the moment. Matt, Jo, Troy and
myself have far too much fun in that studio. Both on air and off.
Listen to the podcast, or jump onto the http://fox.com.au website to
hear the show streamed live 20:00 - 22:00 GMT (6-9am AEST) if you don't
believe me.

Today, we had a snake in the office. We're planning some
fun stuff for Matt and Jo's Panic Room, where people can win a grand by
facing their fears. I love snakes! I had it around my neck for about
half an hour. They are so smooth and gentle, yet so strong. It was a
python, about 8ft long, and the feeling of the undulating musculature
moving across my shoulders was like a massage.

I'm sure there are a
hundred and twenty snake innuendos I should be making here, but I can't
be bothered to be honest. Make up your own dirty insinuation. You can't
just rely on me to be the filth-maker in your life, you have to stand
on your own two feet sooner or later. Let's start with innuendo baby
steps. The easiest way to make a dirty remark is the 'Carry On
Inference Method.' I say "I had a snake on my neck" and you say either
"ooh, matron," or "oh, vicar!" It's not that hard! (again, the word
hard should be followed with the 'matron' or 'vicar' outburst). It can
go on for hours.

Practice at home with friends! Have a good weekend,
kidlets, and I'll be back in here soon. mwah ad/. ps - if any of these
terms confuse you (rss, xml, podcast) or you are bewildered by a word
(undulating, inference) check out these handy reference sources:

http://en.wikipedia.org/ - an open-source free encyclopedia, updated by
anybody who wants to update it.

http://www.m-w.com/ - dictionary and
thesaurus, with audio pronunciation guide. you can have hours of fun
making it say rude words.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/ - Don't Panic!
Just like the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, this is the guide to
anything and everything. Like the Wikipedia, but fun!