What happened to camp? (Part 1)

When did ‘camp’ become another word for gay?.

Back in the sixties and
seventies, ‘camp’ was something fascinatingly awful; 'so bad it's
good.' Like the Batman TV series and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Nowadays camp has just become gay - due in no small part to a large
chunk of the gay community worshipping all things camp.

I'm the worst
offender. I can often be heard screaming: ‘Oh my god! It's awful! I
love it!’
I think now we need a new word for ‘the art form formerly known as
camp.’ Something that sums up the earnest zeal, the outrageous
miscalculation, the cringe-inducing enthusiasm, and the pure and simple
stupidity that fuels hilarious disasters like Glitter (Mariah Carey),
Dancing with the Stars, and the grotesqueries produced from the
collaboration of Anne Geddes and Celine Dion.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be exploring some of these ridiculous
oddities in detail, but today I need to find a name that sums up more
than ‘camp.’ It needs to be more succinct than ‘so bad it’s good.’ It
needs to be more descriptive than ‘hideously hilarious.’ And it needs
to be more of a catchphrase than ‘cringeworthy.’