A Day in the Life (Part 3)

Tuesday 19/10 Work at 6am, then off to the Australian Diamond Company. I'm recording our Ready, Steady Wedding couples getting a ring. Midday I have to see The Forgotten to prep for an interview with the sublimely talented Julianne Moore. Also have to reschedule a gig to make way for an interview with Hilary Duff next Tuesday. At 6pm I have to rock up at 7 studios to watch Dancing With the Stars.

Wednesday 20/10 Work at 6am. Movie screening at 10:30am for weekend reviews. ADC unveiling at 6pm. Wagamama opening at 7pm.

And it goes like that every day! I have to go to Idol on Sunday in Sydney. Can my life be any more insane?

be good
break whatever you want

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