A Day in the Life (Part 2)

Saturday 16/10 Caulfield Cup. Living it up in the Channel 7 Marquee, where they provide everything you could possibly need, including a little TAB. After a long afternoon trying to get Tottie Goldsmith to pash a 21-year-old, I went off to a barbecue and then out to the Peel (such a mistake!)

Sunday 17/10 ARIAS. Midday flight, with a detour via the station to pick up recording equipment. Red carpet arrivals start at 4:30pm, and the Sydney Superdome is 45mins away from town in a cab! Standing around picking my nose in the Media Room until midnight, and then off to bed. (Party was crap).

Monday 18/10 ARIA Report. Broadcast from 2DAY in Sydney to Fox in Melbourne, SA.FM in Adelaide, 92.9 in Perth and FM104.7 in Canberra. Fly out of Sydney and then head back to Fox and do some work.

(continued in next post)