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Square Eyes - Renovate the Cast

Beige Moar The RenovatorsCasting. It’s the most important thing in television. It’s why we love Masterchef and hate The Renovators. It’s why we’ll watch The Block but not Top Design. I think I know why The Renovators is so shitful. It’s a really slick, glossy show. Big sets, sweeping crane shots, huge set-pieces and actual renovations.

Box Set: The Practice

The Practice began in 1997 created by David E Kelley, responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed dramas of the nineties, Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope and Picket Fences. Starring an ensemble cast headed up by Dylan McDermott as struggling defence attorney Bobby Donnell, and joined in season two by Lara Flynn Boyle as District Attorney Helen Gamble, the show mainly concerns itself with a law firm that cannot afford to be fussy about which clients it defends.

Square Eyes: Frozen Second Bananas

Ever since Mary Tyler Moore stepped out of the shadows of her TV husband Dick Van Dyke and had her own successful series, actors buried in an ensemble cast have dreamed of their own day in the sun.

Square Eyes: The Cult of Normal

The Biggest Loser (Ten, Sunday 6:30pm, Weeknights 7:30pm) and So You Think You Can Dance Australia (Ten, Wednesday & Thursday 8pm) kicked off their 2010 seasons on Sunday night, and while the rest of Australia was watching Robot Federer dash the hopes of yet another hapless human, I was watching people cry.  Loser and Dance (as they will forthwi

Green Guide 28 Jan 2010

This is the last of my columns for the tv guide in The Age (Melbourne).

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Green Guide 21 Jan 2010

This week's Green Guide column from The Age (Melbourne).

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