#FGT Previews

Right. So the first preview of #FGT was pretty much awesome fun. 
I have relented on my intro music. I was trying to be all arty, and whimsical and play music with no lyrics (because I have to talk over it to introduce myself, so it seems rude to have someone singing at that point), but then I realised that given the subject matter of the show, there was only one song that was appropriate. It is horribly obvious, but I play it again at the end, and after everybody has left, I dance around the empty seats for five minutes before the next show bumps in. It's much more fun than sitting backstage looking off into the middle distance.
Last night, a new anecdote popped into my head right at the moment I needed it, which is both amazing and annoying all at the same time. Most of my work happens in what I call "the back office;" my subconscious.

Tickets on sale for #FGT MICF2015 at The Imperial


Imperial Hotel
Cnr Spring & Bourke
March 25 - April 19
(Mondays I'm at The Shelf)
Bookings at comedyfestival.com.au


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