FebFast Days 16-20


Days 12-14 of FebFast

FebFast Day 15


Day 15 of FebFast.

The drunken-remorse-clothes-buying incident has given me another challenge for the month of Feb (and beyond, this time) - becoming active again. I used to walk everywhere before I got Mavis, the big blue wheelchair disguised as an old Corolla.

Given that the weather is so delightful, I have been meeting up with one of my oldest friends, and we've been walking in the park. Well, parks. Lots of parks. I have also been investigating places I can walk the dog off-leash.

FebFast Days 12 - 14


Days 12-14 of FebFast

Okay, Mamma jumped headfirst off the wagon on Saturday night. Thankfully, the FebFast does provide the facility to buy a pass, if you have a special event such as a wedding, anniversary or a gig with Scott Brennan and Wes Snelling...

FebFast Day Eleven


Day Eleven of FebFast

Storm aside, it was still hot and sweaty last night, and I have hideous pain from root canal work, so the sleeping is still not ideal. Nightmares have backed off, but I still have trouble dropping off.

Friday again. Pizza and something other than beer night. I've been enjoying a drop of dry ginger with dinner.

Waistline 133cm

FebFast Day Ten


Day Ten of FebFast

Normally, when I get peed off about something, like I did yesterday with my #optusfail fury, I blame the escalating mania on that third or fourth beer. However, with FebFast, I know I'm stone cold sober - which brings me to the horrifying revelation that I am a lunatic!

FebFast Day Nine


Day Nine of FebFast

Grumpiness abounded last night, but I think that was more to do with having scrubbed the house from top to bottom, then slaved over dinner for about two hours making little balls of risotto, and the closest I got to a compliment or comment was "there's too much mayonnaise." (I serve my mozzarella-centred, crumbed and fried risotto balls with a pesto mayo - never mind I made the pesto from scratch!)

Anyway, got to sleep fine, and no nasty dreams!

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