Pompeii. Hashtag review.

If I'm not engrossed in a film or tv show, I'll pick up one of my devices. Often I'll text my sister about just how ludicrous it is. This week Pompeii (dir. Paul WS Anderson) arrived from Quickflix, and while watching it, I started tweeting. It was that or fold laundry, which is difficult with 3D goggles on.

The Return of Talking Poofy


WARNING The Poofcast contains coarse language, adult themes, sexually explicit discussion and the inception of Dirty Pilates.

The Poofcast has been on hiatus for nearly a year. It has been even longer since we recorded together. There were several reasons for the sudden cessation of the podcast, some of them personal to various members of the team, so I won't go into them here. We reconvened recently to record a Eurovision Reunion special, and it was a hoot. So much so, we recorded another couple on the back of the reunion, and they have been released over the last fortnight. It was just as mad and manic as ever, and despite how well things went, part of me is tempted to leave them as a three week reunion and never try it again. Like those Ab Fab specials. 

I can't leave well-enough alone, however, because it was way more fun than I even remembered. There is some kind of magical chemistry that occurs between Toby, Scott and I when we are together. We are somehow funnier than the sum of our parts. I find both of them hilarious when we are not performing together (the night we all sat in Scott's house watching cake fart videos is a particular highlight) and something happens when we are together that makes everything three times funnier than it should be.

If you haven't had the misfortune of listening to the Poofcast, there is one embedded here, or you can head over to or search 'Poofy' on iTunes.

At the moment, the Poofcast will be fairly loose, without the structure and special guests we've had in the past. Wes will be along in the next batch, hopefully. I don't know if it will continue beyond these first few, but we will see. If anything, it is an excuse to have a good laugh with some very old mates.

Spicks and Specks Episode 14

I do wonder sometimes if my presence on Spicks and Specks is turning the whole thing quite camp. This week we have Lucy Durack, star of mega-musicals Wicked and Legally Blonde, Squared Division choreographer Ashley Evans, who has just choreographed a Vegas residency for Britney Spears, and uber-camp comedian Meshel Laurie. Thankfully we have the marriage-obsessed Luke McGregor to balance things out... 

Lucy is the most wonderfully upbeat human alive, and you can see how she was cast as the ebullient Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, and the sugary-sweet Galinda in Wicked. She was also, recently, the Queen of Moomba with Bert Newton.

Spicks and Specks Episode 12

Another amazing episode. I got to sit with the incredible Martha Davis from The Motels. Her voice was an integral part of my life growing up in the 80s. After the show we went out for several drinks, and she told me some fascinating (and unfortunately unrepeatable) stories about Molly Meldrum, Madonna and David Fincher (one of his earliest directing jobs was the video for 'Shame' by The Motels) among many others.

Also on my team was the frenetic Frank Woodley, while Ella was joined by Luke McGregor and Teddy Tahu Rhodes.

If you haven't seen Teddy perform, you haven't lived. His deep baritone voice can actually vibrate the seat you're sitting in. Going to see him perform in South Pacific was like watching a musical while sitting on the washing machine during the spin cycle. He's a great sport and a lovely man, and he's roughly the same size as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Teddy will next be seen in The King and I.

Spicks and Specks Episode 10

More international comedy guests! This week we have superstar Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges and the always divine David O'Doherty from Ireland. Musical guests this week are Bluejuice frontman Jake Stone and the Concertmaster of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Wilma Smith. Also joining us is the rambunctious Melbourne Ska Orchestra, who were spectacular fun and took over the entire studio with their enthusiastic closing number. 

Spicks and Specks Episode 9

You haven't accidentally stepped into one of those wacky Comedy World Cup things, although you'd be forgiven for believing that. Ella is joined by frequent Spicks and Specks guest, Irish comedian Jason Byrne, and his countryman, singer-songwriter Damien Dempsey. I was joined by British comic Joe Lycett and the return of an opera singer who, like Jason, has been on this show many times, Antoinette Halloran

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