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Scott Brennan Makes Me Laugh

Here's proof. You can hear me cackling in the bg. (That's TV talk for background).

Be on TV!

This was posted to Facebook. I'd love to see you there!


Fabulous new TV Show Needs Fabulous Volunteers

Princess Pictures needs a volunteer crowd of fabulous people for the TV series Outland.

The volunteers will appear in crowd scenes of a Gay Pride event.

The Poofcast

If you haven't caught up with the Poofcast lately, I think we have really hit our straps. It is such a nightmare to edit, because i don't want to cut any of it out! It is blisteringly funny - I must look like a complete fool driving to work listening to rough cuts of it, cackling out loud at my own voice... (Mostly I'm laughing with Toby and at Scott).


Well Chickens, I can finally talk in more detail about why I've been such a busy beaver of late; I've been working on a tv series for ABC1 called Outland.

Treading the Boards Again

Tonight and Tomorrow I am performing at the Comic's Lounge with two of my favourite comedians. Corinne Grant (who just happens to be my bestie, and has a book coming out, that features lots of me) and Nick Cody.

Love my work

I know I harp on a lot about how much I love doing Talking Poofy and the Poofcast, but it's because it's true! I cannot get enough of those boys (as anyone who had the misfortune to come in contact with us over the weekend can attest, we keep lauhging and carrying on well after the mics are turned off). Poofcast Episode 9 is my favourite episode so far.

Dirty Old Man

I'm getting extremely pervy in my old age.


Porn Expert

I love recording the Talking Poofy Poofcast. Not just because we have a cackling good time, but sometimes we learn way more than we were expecting. This week we have a very special edition of the Poofcast. We intended to record a short interview with "Dan," a porn star and producer, for Poofcast Episode 5's Carrie Bickmore Experience, but it is such a fascinating area, we decided to devote an entire episode to the interview and the topic of pornography in general.

Poofcast 4: The Revenge

There's no Michael Caine and no vengeful shark, but our 4th Poofcast is just as misguided as Jaws 4.

If you are faint of heart, you may want to switch off before we talk about lesbian medical issues.

It's online now at the Talking Poofy website.
You can subscribe at or by searching "poofy" at the iTunes store.

Taylor Lautner is paedo-bait

You want hot werewolf, you need Joe Mangianello


I hate the empty feeling of knowing your favourite show isn't on anymore. Not that Masterchef was my favourite show, but I will feel hollow without it. Doctor Who is my favourite show, and Materchef has been something of a placebo, keeping me from noticing the loss of my favourite show. Facing the months ahead without a new episode of Doctor Who is depressing in the most painful way. I may be overstating things a little, but I have loved Doctor Who since as long as I can remember. In fact, I think I looked to Tom Baker for guidance on how to behave more than my own father.

Poof 3

Is the third installment of any trilogy ever any good? Thankfully we will go way past three... Talking Poofy Episode 3 is online and wants to be unfavourably compared to the first two.

Listen online


Poofcast 2: More Poof

Yes, there is more poof available today. Talking Poofy Episode 2 is online and ready for you to shove in your ears like a wayward cotton bud.

Listen online


Poofcast - now on iTunes

You can subscribe to the Poofcast with iTunes! Just search the iTunes store for 'poofy' or click here

Poofcast is alive!

The Poofcast is alive! It has been unleashed at and I couldn't be happier with the results. You can subscribe using the url

PoofCast Trailer

The PoofCast is nearly here! Listen to the trailer, and email to be notified when we let Talking Poofy off the leash.

I <heart> Gossip Girl

Anyone who listens to Fox in Melbourne would be familiar with our delightful Gossip Girl, Kate Lloyd, or Lloydie as I call her over the partition between our desks. Lloydie fills in for me when I'm under the weather and vice versa, and presents The Dirt throughout the day with Tim Lee and MC on 101.9 the Fox. She is also an integral part of our hard working online team, shooting photos and videos, uploading all sorts of web-based jiggery pokery and trawling for dirt. She found this story last week while I was away, and she sat on it until I got back to work. It is too funny for words.

Putting my nose back in the dirt

Hello Chickens!

Mamma is back on board as of Monday 28th June on the Matt and Jo Show on 101.9 Fox FM in Melbourne and with Lisa, Baz and Sam on Perth's 92.9 - and starting next week, you can also hear me in Adelaide with Hayley, Rabbit and Cosi on 107.1 SA.FM

The Faeces Book

Okay, so all my friends are on the Face Book, and they keep insisting that I join up. I joined up in 2007, back when I was also on MySpace. I used MySpace to add everyone in the world who wanted to be added, and Facebook was just for my friends. Then I added Scott Brennan, who we know from Talking Poofy, is very generous with his affections.

Work Whoopsie

Okay, so sometimes when I record things at work, I make mistakes. This is a particularly nerdy one...


Download as MP3

The Dirt - Tuesday

Talking Poofy Week 3

Another shambolic weekend of Talking Poofy has flown by, but not without injury. Those in the audience on Saturday found out exactly how the Friday night show led to Scott Brennan leaving several centimetres of his face on a pole. I'd try to explain it here, but I'm not sure I fully understand it.

RIP Oz Idol

Tina del Twist, Lover Fighter Dancer

Sometimes a member of Talking Poofy, the man behind Wes Snelling - Tina Del Twist is one of my closest friends, and waxing lyrical about him is easy for me. After last year's massive undertaking Kiosk, Wes is performing a stripped back and intimate show as alter ego Tina del Twist. She is a drunken chanteuse, very reminiscent of Judy Garland toward the end of her career.

Talking Poofy Week 2

Talking Poofy

The second week of Talking Poofy was just as shambolic as the first, but due to technical problems, all of the shows in the Cloak Room (Melbourne Town Hall) ran 10-15 minutes late, which meant that Friday's show ended up being a 5 litre show, rather than the usual 3 or 4...

Melinda Buttle, MC Anon

When you do a show at the Comedy Festival, you get a pass with your photo on it that lets you sneak into shows that haven't sold out. Twelve years ago, when I was doing my first ever show 'Tragedy' in the Backstage Room at the Melbourne Town Hall at 9:30, that little pass was my first taste of the way celebrities get treated - you don't have to queue, you don't have to pay, and for no other reason than because you are you. It's peculiar.

Talking Poofy

Talking Poofy

The first weekend of Talking Poofy went off with several hitches. Most of them based around misguided ideas we had during our alleged technical rehearsal.

Susan Boyle singing Lady Gaga, the abominable and ill-advised finale to the Friday show, made a reappearance on Saturday night in spite of all promises to the contrary.

Lorraine's Hair and Face

I have added another hyphenate to the ever-growing list that accompanies 'Fabulous' and my name. As much as I would love to be like one of Tiger Woods' many girlfriends, and be a something/model (blackjack dealer/model, lawyer/model etc) I have had to settle for Comedian/Writer/ Radio Presenter/Television Personality/Karaoke Host/World's Laziest Drag Queen and now - Choreographer!


hello chickens

sorry for the lack of writing on this site of late - i've fallen behind on work for which i get paid, so the gratis stuff is the first to go!

hopefully, once comedy festival and this niggling virus are done and dusted, i can climb back onto a regular schedule!

thanks for your patience - normal transmission will resume as soon as possible.

- Posted from my iPhone

Wes Snelling: the Man Behind the Myth

 More nonsense from Wes Snelling and Yours Truly. This was in 2002 for another fundraiser. Ostensibly we were raising money so Wes could do one of his needy cabaret shows, ManDiva possibly, or the accurately titled More Me, Less You. In reality, the money went to buy cigarettes and beer, and to pay the rent on the various places Wes fell asleep in. Watch out for a cameo by Angus, who is no longer with us, and Kim Hope's outrageous bra.

The Slip

 There was a brief moment of unhinged behaviour in my segment on the Matt and Jo Show (Fox FM, Melbourne) this morning. Powerball's Troy Ellis sometimes speaks before engaging his brain.

The Final Days of FebFast

Final Days of FebFast

The Making of Extravaganza

I know for a fact that Wes Snelling frequently Googles himself and stays up half the night watching YouTube videos, so I thought I would add to his insanity by posting a video Wes and I made back in 2001 to entertain the people who were attending his fundrasing concert for his show Extravaganza: Beyond Burlesque.

FebFast Days 16-20


Days 12-14 of FebFast

FebFast Day 15


Day 15 of FebFast.

The drunken-remorse-clothes-buying incident has given me another challenge for the month of Feb (and beyond, this time) - becoming active again. I used to walk everywhere before I got Mavis, the big blue wheelchair disguised as an old Corolla.

Given that the weather is so delightful, I have been meeting up with one of my oldest friends, and we've been walking in the park. Well, parks. Lots of parks. I have also been investigating places I can walk the dog off-leash.

Box Set: The Practice

The Practice began in 1997 created by David E Kelley, responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed dramas of the nineties, Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope and Picket Fences. Starring an ensemble cast headed up by Dylan McDermott as struggling defence attorney Bobby Donnell, and joined in season two by Lara Flynn Boyle as District Attorney Helen Gamble, the show mainly concerns itself with a law firm that cannot afford to be fussy about which clients it defends.

FebFast Days 12 - 14


Days 12-14 of FebFast

Okay, Mamma jumped headfirst off the wagon on Saturday night. Thankfully, the FebFast does provide the facility to buy a pass, if you have a special event such as a wedding, anniversary or a gig with Scott Brennan and Wes Snelling...

FebFast Day Eleven


Day Eleven of FebFast

Storm aside, it was still hot and sweaty last night, and I have hideous pain from root canal work, so the sleeping is still not ideal. Nightmares have backed off, but I still have trouble dropping off.

Friday again. Pizza and something other than beer night. I've been enjoying a drop of dry ginger with dinner.

Waistline 133cm

Square Eyes: Frozen Second Bananas

Ever since Mary Tyler Moore stepped out of the shadows of her TV husband Dick Van Dyke and had her own successful series, actors buried in an ensemble cast have dreamed of their own day in the sun.


This Snickers Commercial from the USA is Gold!

FebFast Day Ten


Day Ten of FebFast

Normally, when I get peed off about something, like I did yesterday with my #optusfail fury, I blame the escalating mania on that third or fourth beer. However, with FebFast, I know I'm stone cold sober - which brings me to the horrifying revelation that I am a lunatic!



So many companies desperately try to cultivate loyalty with loyalty card schemes like Fly Buys, Everyday Rewards, Frequent Flyer, Velocity etc., but when you actually show genuine loyalty to a company, you are treated with contempt. Perhaps big business has a "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" mentality. Perhaps big business is run by a bunch of wife-beating drunks.

FebFast Day Nine


Day Nine of FebFast

Grumpiness abounded last night, but I think that was more to do with having scrubbed the house from top to bottom, then slaved over dinner for about two hours making little balls of risotto, and the closest I got to a compliment or comment was "there's too much mayonnaise." (I serve my mozzarella-centred, crumbed and fried risotto balls with a pesto mayo - never mind I made the pesto from scratch!)

Anyway, got to sleep fine, and no nasty dreams!

FebFast Day Eight


Day Eight of FebFast

Dreams again. Not delicious pie dreams, these were full-on nightmares.

Talking Poofy Tickets On Sale Now!

Talking Poofy - Scott Brennan, Adam Richard & Toby Sullivan

Head over to to purchase tickets for Talking Poofy

March 26 - April 17

10:45pm Fri & Sat

Melbourne Town Hall (Cloak Room)

FebFast Day Seven


Day Seven of FebFast

I dreamed about a pie. I woke up on day 7 of FebFast dreaming of flaky, sauce-drenched pastry and rich meaty gravy. It was a square pie, the kind they sell downstairs at Gusto in the Clarendon Centre where I work. Am I craving pies because I'm no longer drunkenly wandering into convenience stores like 7-11 or the Quix and pushing lukewarm, dried out pies into my face? Perhaps.

FebFast Day Six


Day Six of FebFast

The gig last night was fun. Not just for me, but the audience sounded like they were enjoying themselves as well (how could they not - Toby Sullivan, Hannah Gadsby, Anthony Menchetti and Wes Snelling as Tina del Twiste - it's a spectacular lineup).

FebFast Day Five


Day Five of FebFast

After a huge day of meetings, workshops and other nonsense, I got home at 3pm and crashed out. Woke up in time for pizza but most of last night is a blur. Not even sure what I watched on tv! So, my normal beery cravings were obliterated with tiredness.

The Cult of Normal

The Biggest Loser (Ten, Sunday 6:30pm, Weeknights 7:30pm) and So You Think You Can Dance Australia (Ten, Wednesday & Thursday 8pm) kicked off their 2010 seasons on Sunday night, and while the rest of Australia was watching Robot Federer dash the hopes of yet another hapless human, I was watching people cry.  Loser and Dance (as they will forthwith be call

Square Eyes: The Cult of Normal

The Biggest Loser (Ten, Sunday 6:30pm, Weeknights 7:30pm) and So You Think You Can Dance Australia (Ten, Wednesday & Thursday 8pm) kicked off their 2010 seasons on Sunday night, and while the rest of Australia was watching Robot Federer dash the hopes of yet another hapless human, I was watching people cry.  Loser and Dance (as they will forthwi

New Column! Square Eyes

Hello Chickens,

I have so enjoyed my time writing a column about TV watching for The Green Guide (The Age, Melbourne) I have decided to continue doing such right here at Every Friday morning I will upload my latest opinion on what you might have seen on tele this week. This is not a preview of shows you haven't seen, nor is it going to be a forum for publicity and congratulatory interviews. It will be purely my opinion on what I have been watching on television some time in the previous 7 days.

FebFast Day Four

Day Four of FebFast

Spent much of yesterday in the hospital, looking after a friend who had a suspected broken wrist. Fortunately it was only tendon trouble, but it did take a whole day of being investigated by nurses, doctors and radiologists to find that out.

FebFast Day Three

Day Three of FebFast

It was so hot, I spent most of the day choking up the atmosphere driving around in my car with the aircon on full. Went to watch Lost with Justin Hamilton and Lehmo. Given that I am on my P-plates, and have to have a Blood Alcohol Content of Zero, there was not even the slightest temptation to give in to the booze bug.

I have cut down on my drinking a lot since getting my license, so I am quite hopeful this month will just sail by. (Those are famous last words, aren't they...)

Caption Competition *Ends Fri 5 Feb*

Tix to LOL on offer.

FebFast Day Two


Day Two of FebFast

After eating a Leftover Lamb Souvlaki (recipe below) I have a greasy garlicky, lamby taste in my mouth, and would love nothing more than to wash it down with a cold, fizzy Melbourne Bitter. There is none in the house, but I am sober enough to drive to the bottle shop! Oh the irony!

PodCARst - Lift Horror


The Fabulous Adam Richard provides bite-sized bursts of lunacy from inside his battered old Corolla, Mavis.

Download PodCARst

FebFast Day One


Hello Chickens,

My sister has set up a team on the FebFast website, where you pledge to give up booze for a month, and in turn raise money for charity. (The charities are all drug and alcohol related, obviously). Having had quite a bender this weekend just gone, Michelle's plea struck a chord, and I have duly signed up.

As an additional pledge, I am going to donate the amount of money I would have spent on my "I got hammered and left my car at the gig" cab fare.

Green Guide 28 Jan 2010

This is the last of my columns for the tv guide in The Age (Melbourne).

Copy follows.


Dave Grant

In comedy, timing is everything, and Dave Grant taught timing.

As an MC, you prayed for Dave Grant to be your headline act, because you knew that no matter how dire the gig was, no matter how many infuriatingly incompetent tryouts were stinking up the first two brackets, you were going to bring on the most consistently hilarious headline act any audience has ever seen.

Green Guide 21 Jan 2010

This week's Green Guide column from The Age (Melbourne).

Click link, or copy follows.

Green Guide 14 Jan 2010

I am doing some work for The Age (Melbourne) in their Green Guide TV section, looking back on the week in television.

Column, as printed, follows.


Breakfast in Perth

Hello Chickens!
For the last few years I have been a part of the team at Mix 94.5 doing Aussie gossip every Friday on The Bunch breakfast show, and before that, movie reviews on The Big Couch drive show. Starting this week, I will be moving up the dial a smidge, to 92.9 and their all-new breakfast show Lisa, Baz and Sam.

Green Guide 7 Jan 2010

I am doing some work for The Age in their Green Guide TV section, looking back on the week in television.

Unedited copy follows.