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Limpy II - The Philanges of Khan

X-ray says it's a fracture. Well, two fractures, to be precise. I seem to have smashed apart two separate tiny bones in my smallest toe. I routinely put 130kg of homosexual pressure on it (yes, I sometimes walk en pointe) and it copes fine! I wonder if there was a little corpuscle down there screaming "Captain! She canna take any more!"

Tomorrow, in the continuing saga of Limpy, what does the specialist say? Strap it or shove a stick in it? Will I end up with borg-foot?


I think I may have fractured my toe. That's what the doctor tells me, anyway. It hurts! I smashed it into a wall on Monday night, dashing into the en suite to expel some beer. I put an ice pack on it, and given the hideous heat this week, it was quite an enjoyable sensation. I could move it, so I thought nothing of it and trundled off to work in the morning.

Yesterday, and today, I've wandered around. I've been to the shops. It ached a bit, and I've been limping a little, but no worse than any other time I've stubbed my stumpy toes.

Then, this afternoon, I banged it AGAIN!

Sweet Caroline Stuck In My Head



Someone foolishly alerted me to the existence of the Glee soundtrack, so of course, I am now singing Don't Stop Believing, I Can't Fight This Feeling, Take a Bow and fourteen other songs at the top of my lungs in traffic.

The Gossip


I had the absolute pleasure and delight of meeting Gossip yesterday.

Beth Ditto, Brace Paine and Hannah Billie came into the studio, and I absolutely fell in love with them.

It is one of the most joyous experiences I've ever had during an interview.


WARNING: this interview contains occasional coarse language, and disgusting discussions of kangaroo pouches.


Death in the Family

Grief. It is different for all of us. It comes in great waves of anger, remorse, melancholy, pity, regret, sadness, relief, and a thousand other emotions, each arriving in separate shades of subtlety and strength. How do you support someone through the loss of a parent? It doesn't matter how old you are, or whether your loved one is taken suddenly or slowly, it is a loss from which you never truly recover.

The Procrastinator

I have a deadline, so of course I am blogging. I have also contemplated buying a 5.1 receiver for my bedroom, because the one in there currently is dropping channels intermittently (it's very old, pre-hdmi). I have been watching The West Wing on DVD from go to whoa, which isn't even in 5.1, so I don't know why the buggy amp is bugging me so much, but it is. I have given serious thought to scrubbing out the grouting in my shower recess.

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