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What happened to camp? (Part 3)

This column will be a semi-regular part of the blog. Along with my film
reviews, and general rabbiting on about malarkey.

Hopefully in the next
few months, bandwidth permitting, I'll get some audio on here so you
can hear the annoying noises I make in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.



A Day in the Life (Part 1)

I know I don't get to update this very often. I'm a bit like Britney
Spears (who finally has her letter posted on This is hell week at work. Just to give you an idea of how much work
goes into four minutes of gossip, here is what I've been doing and am
going to do this week:
(continued in next post)

A Day in the Life (Part 2)

Saturday 16/10 Caulfield Cup. Living it up in the Channel 7 Marquee, where they provide everything you could possibly need, including a little TAB. After a long afternoon trying to get Tottie Goldsmith to pash a 21-year-old, I went off to a barbecue and then out to the Peel (such a mistake!)

Sunday 17/10 ARIAS. Midday flight, with a detour via the station to pick up recording equipment. Red carpet arrivals start at 4:30pm, and the Sydney Superdome is 45mins away from town in a cab! Standing around picking my nose in the Media Room until midnight, and then off to bed. (Party was crap).

Monday 18/10 ARIA Report. Broadcast from 2DAY in Sydney to Fox in Melbourne, SA.FM in Adelaide, 92.9 in Perth and FM104.7 in Canberra. Fly out of Sydney and then head back to Fox and do some work.

(continued in next post)

A Day in the Life (Part 3)

Tuesday 19/10 Work at 6am, then off to the Australian Diamond Company. I'm recording our Ready, Steady Wedding couples getting a ring. Midday I have to see The Forgotten to prep for an interview with the sublimely talented Julianne Moore. Also have to reschedule a gig to make way for an interview with Hilary Duff next Tuesday. At 6pm I have to rock up at 7 studios to watch Dancing With the Stars.

Wednesday 20/10 Work at 6am. Movie screening at 10:30am for weekend reviews. ADC unveiling at 6pm. Wagamama opening at 7pm.

And it goes like that every day! I have to go to Idol on Sunday in Sydney. Can my life be any more insane?

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break whatever you want

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Back in the clubs

I'm heading back out at night-time during July. This, completely in spite of the fact that I'm now working 5 mornings a week on 101.9 Fox FM's Matt, Jo and Benno breakfast show. Check out the gig guide for all the details.

Also, if you missed Adam Richard BITCH during the Melbourne Comedy Festival, it will be returning for a strictly limited one week season at Tony Starr's Kitten Club at the end of August.


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