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I'm going to start updating this thing more often.

First of a design
refresh. Lord, the old fox logo down there in the corner is shaming me.
And let's not even mention the title of the show...
My life has become the most hectic thing in the world. I'm going to
hand the website over to someone else, but I'll still contribute to
this little bloggy thing. Also, I want to put some audio up here for
you to get. Outtakes from interviews, me having a rant. A podcast
Oh yeah, I got plans! No time to execute them, but plans nonetheless.


What happened to camp? (Part 1)

When did ‘camp’ become another word for gay?.

Back in the sixties and
seventies, ‘camp’ was something fascinatingly awful; 'so bad it's
good.' Like the Batman TV series and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Nowadays camp has just become gay - due in no small part to a large
chunk of the gay community worshipping all things camp.

I'm the worst
offender. I can often be heard screaming: ‘Oh my god! It's awful! I
love it!’
I think now we need a new word for ‘the art form formerly known as
camp.’ Something that sums up the earnest zeal, the outrageous
miscalculation, the cringe-inducing enthusiasm, and the pure and simple
stupidity that fuels hilarious disasters like Glitter (Mariah Carey),
Dancing with the Stars, and the grotesqueries produced from the
collaboration of Anne Geddes and Celine Dion.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be exploring some of these ridiculous
oddities in detail, but today I need to find a name that sums up more
than ‘camp.’ It needs to be more succinct than ‘so bad it’s good.’ It
needs to be more descriptive than ‘hideously hilarious.’ And it needs
to be more of a catchphrase than ‘cringeworthy.’

What happened to camp? (Part 2)

The egotist in me wants to create my own word. I want something I can
stand back from and say ‘I thought of that! That’s my word! My own
invented catchphrase.’

I have, however, found a phrase elsewhere that
fits perfectly. (So I’ll have to be content with having invented
gruesome euphemisms like ‘courtesy fingers’ and ‘bachelor’s

The word I’ve chosen comes from The Simpsons, the writers of which have
an innate understanding of overblown folly, undelivered promise and
excruciating enthusiasm. How else would they have conceived Streetcar!
and Planet of the Apes: the Musical, the unembarrassable Troy Maclure,
and theme parks based on beer and jesus.

So, from now on, these musings on all things camp, wrong, ridiculous
and unfeasibly stupid, shall be grouped under one title; Bart Simpson’s
description of the mess his father created with Christmas lights:

What happened to camp? (Part 3)

This column will be a semi-regular part of the blog. Along with my film
reviews, and general rabbiting on about malarkey.

Hopefully in the next
few months, bandwidth permitting, I'll get some audio on here so you
can hear the annoying noises I make in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.



A Day in the Life (Part 1)

I know I don't get to update this very often. I'm a bit like Britney
Spears (who finally has her letter posted on This is hell week at work. Just to give you an idea of how much work
goes into four minutes of gossip, here is what I've been doing and am
going to do this week:
(continued in next post)

A Day in the Life (Part 2)

Saturday 16/10 Caulfield Cup. Living it up in the Channel 7 Marquee, where they provide everything you could possibly need, including a little TAB. After a long afternoon trying to get Tottie Goldsmith to pash a 21-year-old, I went off to a barbecue and then out to the Peel (such a mistake!)

Sunday 17/10 ARIAS. Midday flight, with a detour via the station to pick up recording equipment. Red carpet arrivals start at 4:30pm, and the Sydney Superdome is 45mins away from town in a cab! Standing around picking my nose in the Media Room until midnight, and then off to bed. (Party was crap).

Monday 18/10 ARIA Report. Broadcast from 2DAY in Sydney to Fox in Melbourne, SA.FM in Adelaide, 92.9 in Perth and FM104.7 in Canberra. Fly out of Sydney and then head back to Fox and do some work.

(continued in next post)

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